Our Name

With our company name we honour the one-of-a-kind Great Auk. It was North America’s only flightless bird and the world’s original penguin. When the auk became extinct in 1844, the name penguin was transferred to the well-known inhabitants of Antarctica. Today’s penguins, though unrelated, look very similar to the Great Auk.


Downhome Gift Shoppe

DownHome Gift ShoppeThe Downhome Gift Shoppe is housed in the Auk Island Winery.  Our collection of gifts and souvenirs are varied and charming.  We also have the largest selection of local books in central Newfoundland, so while relaxing and watching the icebergs float by, pick up a book a learn about the people of Newfoundland.


Puffins Subs and Ice Cream

Susan Giving an Ice CreamWe offer a variety of nutritious lunches and irresistible sweet treats.  New products are offered frequently.  We blend ice cream with some of our wine flavours as well, Moose Joose it a local favourite.

Freshly baked cookies and muffins, grilled Paninis, smoothies, slushies, hot coffee just to name a few; we offer a great variety of options in a pleasant atmosphere.

New this year we will be offering deliveries to any location in Twillingate. Plus we will be available for catering that special birthday party or event.  Just call for details.

Weekly specials posted on Twitter (@PuffinsTreats) and Facebook (facebook.com/ PuffinsEatsAndTreats).  Come by and see us today!


Winery Tours

Individual Tours:

During summer months we offer tours of the winery every half an hour.  We introduce you to the history of the winery and our namesake - the Great Auk.  Then we show you the production area where the magic happens. In some cases we can provide individual tours year-round and in most cases can accommodate requests made without reservations during the summer season. Because of scheduling and wine production periods. We do recommend calling ahead in the off-season to ensure you will not be disappointed.

Group Tours:

We can accommodate group tours of up to 50 visitors. For groups over 10, please call ahead to schedule a convenient tour time. 1-877-639-4637.


Our Berries

Our wines are made from local fruits and berries  grown in an environment free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 

Our berries are picked by hand by local residents and made with love into wine. Some of the berries we use include blueberries, partridgeberries, bakeapples, raspberries and crow-berries, just to name a few. 

Partridgeberries or Lingonberries are also popular as a wild  picked fruit in Newfoundland and Labrador, where they are locally known as partridgeberries. In this region they are also incorporated into jams, syrups, and baked goods and wines.


Bakeapples or Cloudberries are also a popular and wild berry in Newfoundland. The ripe fruits are golden-yellow, 

soft and juicy, and are rich in vitamin C. When eaten fresh, cloudberries have a distinctive tart taste. When over-ripe, they have a creamy texture somewhat like yogurt and a sweetened flavour. They are often made into jams, juices, tarts, and Wines.

Blueberries Wild blueberries are found all over this island and are rich with Vitamin C and antioxidants, Wild Newfoundland Blueberries make for great desserts and wine and we use it to blend with several of our great wines.





We love bringing our wines to the world, we would like to thank our Agents for helping us spread the word.

GVLK Trading Asia /British Columbia  Contact person Grant Li


The Beverage Baron Newfoundland and Labrador   Contact Person Scott Giannou


Innovative Beverages  Nova Scotia /PEI / New Brunswich Contact Person Danny Hewitt



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